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Hello! I'm Sascha Gros. Full stack web developer and data scientist, specializing in Node.js and RESTful API design. Living test-driven development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle in agile environments. Well-versed in numerous programming languages and web frameworks. Bringing web technology to all fields of your software needs.

Professional Skills

AngularJS 100%
Node.js 90%
HTML & CSS 90%
Javascript / Typescript 95%
SharePoint 75%
Electron.js 80%
Swagger IO 90%
Swift 3 40%
Angular 2 80%

Work Experience

May 2016 - present

Freelance Software Engineer

Gros Engineering, Germany

Working on different projects ranging from the web shop of a big car brand in Stuttgart over a native patient administration software for a small osteopath office to a media control software optimised for tablet computers that will be used in the show rooms of a local car dealer.

Jun 2014 - Apr 2016

Full Stack Web Developer

EFEXCON AG, Switzerland

Working on the business travel startup 1ClickTrips of the EFEXCON AG. Responsible for the technology selection, overall architecture and implementation of the door-to-door travel management solution. Leading a team of software developers and designers to make it happen.

Oct 2012 - Apr 2014

Software Developer and Project Manager

Synapticon GmbH, Germany

Initially responsible for developing different parts of an online development environment for embedded systems, I was then managing a project with the goal to create a new operating software for ticket vending systems of rail operators.

Oct 2009 - Sep 2012

Student and Software Developer

Hewlett Packard - Germany and Ireland

As a dual student with Hewlett Packard I did several short projects using a lot of different tools and programming languages. My bachelor's thesis was about SharePoint and the implementation of a filing system in the public sector.

From The Blog


  • Sascha is a very talented software developer and a great team player. I have had the pleasure to work with him on multiple projects and he has my highest recommendation. He combines the understanding of how to deliver high quality software with the understanding of how a business can deliver a product in time.

    Marcel Büsing Developer at Daimler AG
  • Sascha is one of the few people I know that is able to instantly grab rough ideas and transform them into concrete prototypes and solutions. His profound understanding of software architectures and agile software engineering makes him an important driver and brain in any exciting innovation project. Don't bother him with boring business apps. Challenge him with SH/SW and IoT integrations.

    Rüdiger Gros CEO at EFEXCON AG
  • Sascha is an uncomplicated, dedicated, very reliable and creative partner for sophisticated software solutions. He combines a great technical know-how with an even greater willingness to develop and deliver an amazing product with a high practical user value. It was a convincing, fair and trustful cooperation. Thank you!

    Victoria Ott Independent Osteopath


Travel image

1ClickTrips Business Travel


1ClickTrips - Business travel booking of tomorrow. Today.

1ClickTrips is a door-to-door travel tool focusing on events and appointments. The idea is simple: Give your event data to 1ClickTrips and it will figure out the best options to get there in time without wasting valuable time and money.

The cool part of 1ClickTrips is the process of creating your trips. It allows you to pick from the best options to get to the event and then add a hotel that is located on your trip path and won't put any extra effort on getting there.

Once you selected your trip and hotel you can book everything and then take it with you on your mobile, including all tickets, maps and additional information to help you get around.

Time Tracker Plugin for Chrome


Time Tracker Plugin for Chrome

The requirements were easy: Be able to track my time out of Chrome, assign each time record with either a generic category or with a Github issue and then store it to SharePoint 2013.

The challenges have been to keep the plugin's UI simple and to handle authentication with Sharepoint and Github properly.

Rockit Course Administration


Course administration solution for climbing halls

A local climbing hall wanted to make the transformation to a digital administration of the weekly courses and occupancy of their climbing hall.

It was supposed to be a web-based solution that every staff member could access. A role model for different types of staff members was needed as well as different views for those different roles. They wanted to have a calendar to filter for different event types and the possibility for staff members to register for events they are authorized for.

Additionally the content of the system must be reflected in the website of the climbing club. Interested participants must be able to see which courses are available and also to register for a course in case they want to attend. They have to confirm their registration before it is valid.

Patient Administration


Patient Administration for small doctor's offices

Patient administration solutions are either totally overloaded with functionality nobody needs making the whole user experience a hassle. Or they are way too expensive.

That was the reason for a client of mine to ask me for an easy-to-use solution that a small doctor's office can afford. In my opinion this is a problem many physiotherapists and doctors have. So I came up with a solution that can be used on all operating systems, be it Windows, OS X or Linux.

The solution offers a patient administration section that is fully searchable, a treatment section where treatments for patients can be added, edited and invoiced and backup and restore functionality. All data is kept locally and won't be transferred into the cloud. Since it is module-based, all modules can be replaced or more modules can be added to adapt the software to customer needs.

Sun Tracker Prototype

Native, Embedded

Automated sun tracker prototype to compare different concepts

For solar modules there is one big drawback: they only deliver the maximum possible power output when being exposed to sunlight in a 90° angle. As soon as the angle differs from that, the output significantly drops.

So the question is: would it make sense to continuously adapt the orientation of the solar panels towards the sun? We have compare the energy that is consumed by the mechanism that is tracking the sun and moving the panels against the energy plus that is gained by moving the panels in contrast to keeping them static.

For this project I had to come up with a low-budget sun-tracking sensor and an additional algorithm that calculated the position of the sun based on the GPS location of the panel and the theoretical earth orbit around the sun. Both concepts have been used to figure out the differences in energy efficiency.

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